This post was written on the 4th May

I have really struggled with my legs this week. They haven’t stopped me having fun on holiday but the have been constantly aching. My left leg has been much worse than my right and I have had to prop it up on a pillow at night. My arms have been aching on and off too.

Luckily we were at Bluestone when my aches and pains were at their worst. We went swimming everyday and floating along the lazy river definitely helped to take the weight off!

I was just starting to wonder if it was something that I should worry about when my aching limbs started to ease. Unfortunately they were replaced by a stinking cold. Oh dear! I never thought that I would miss Lemsip.

I have been to the hairdressers this week which has made me feel better. When I was pregnant with Bob I didn’t have my hair dyed as I had read scary things. That will teach me for googling. I spoke to a midwife and she said it would be fine. I decided to have highlights rather than a full head colour just in case. Highlights using foils doesn’t even touch your scalp so I was extra safe.


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    You’re looking gorgeous and it’s reminded me I really need to get my hair cut and dyed. I haven’t done it for over 6 months now and I reeeeeally need to. Hope the aches and pains are subsiding and you’re feeling a lot better. They’re horrid aren’t they? I never got them the first time and they seem to be making up for it!

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