This post was written on the 27th April

Bob gatecrashed my photo shoot again this week. I love it when she comes to join me and I will treasure these photos forever!

She listened to her baby.


Then she gave her baby a kiss.


Bob will always be my baby!


This week I have been suffering with terribly achy legs. This morning I could only walk with a limp as my left leg was that stiff and painful. It is similar to my achy arm problem that I had when we were moving house. The ache started in my calf and then developed into painful knee and ankle joints. I am hoping it will go away soon!

We are off to Bluestone tomorrow and I have been sorting through all of my old swimming costumes. I have found every costume I have owned in the last 10 years including a dodgy green bikini with dangly plastic apples on the end of the ties but I can’t find my maternity swimsuit anywhere. I have managed to squeeze into an old costume that is a bigger size and I am hoping everything stays in place when I am in the water.


To see a collage of my pregnancy photos and links to all of my posts so far visit my Pregnancy Diaries.

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    Awww, such lovely photos and it’s so nice to see Bob loves the bump already!! =)


    Whenever I felt sick during my pregnancy, I kept telling myself that it’s all gonna go away when the baby arrives…it’s worth it!


    such lovely shots.

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