This post was written on the 30th March

Bob wanted to join me in this week’s photo shoot and I am so pleased! I love the photos that I have captured.


Although Bob is nearly 4 she will always be my baby!


I love this little lady so much!


I am starting to feel so uncomfortable at night time that I have invested in a mum to be pillow pack.

I had an amazing one when I was pregnant with Bob. It was a V shaped pillow and a wedge from Babies R Us and I loved it! When Bob was a few weeks old my V shaped pillow got left behind at a B & B in Whitby. I was devastated!

I have bought one from Argos this time as I had a gift card. This one was much cheaper than the one from Babies R Us (I think it was a third of the price) but it is not as comfortable. I suppose you get what you pay for.

I am coping with it at the moment but I think I may need to invest in a bouncy castle type pillow to get me through the night. 🙂


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    very exciting!


    That picture is definitely one for the wall!

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