This post was written on the 30th March whilst just before I announced my pregnancy.

This morning I was 12 weeks 5 days pregnant, I am now 13 weeks 3 days pregnant. That has gone very quickly! 😉

I thought I would be further along than I was initially told as I only have a 27 day cycle. Also, since having Bob I can feel myself ovulate. I thought that I was crazy at first but Dr. Google has assured me that it’s quite common. I know that ovulate early so I wasn’t surprised when I was given my new due date.

I have been counting down the days until my scan but when today arrived I was terrified. I have been told about people going for a scan only to find that their baby has stopped growing even though they haven’t had any symptoms of miscarriage. After last year I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant until I had seen it for myself.

Luckily everything was fine! The baby was a cheeky little one and would not do as it was told. The lady who did my ultrasound could not take any of the measurements she needed. Luckily I had drunk some Fanta on my way to the hospital so we went on a walk and waited for the sugar to kick in. When we went back again the baby was awake and had moved into a better position.


It was so wonderful to see it waving at us!

I have been feeling the baby move for about a week now. I thought that I was imagining thing’s as I didn’t feel Bob move until after my 20 week scan. The lady said it is possible to feel them early and as my placenta was at the back it is even more likely. When I was asked to wait to see if the baby moved into a better position I could feel when it woke up and started dancing. I told the lady and she confirmed that it had moved into a better position. I am now in no doubt as to what I am feeling. It is wonderful!


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    that’s so so lovely – you may be making me a tiny bit broody!

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