This post was written on the 21st March whilst I was still keeping my pregnancy a secret.

I have been enjoying the last few weeks as I have not been feeling constantly sick and I thought that my morning sickness had ended. Then, this week, the sickness has returned worse than ever.

I was 11 weeks 2 days and I started feeling terrible! I felt nauseous all day long and if I ate anything other than dry bread I was really ill. It lasted for 4 days and then I felt much better.

I never had morning sickness at the beginning of my pregnancy with Bob so I don’t know if it is normal for it to come back. Any ideas? I am not sure if it was a bug or a finally bout of morning sickness but it has made me even more grateful to have reached the 2nd trimester.

This week I have given up using the hair bobble trick and I have bought some maternity jeans.  They are so comfortable! I struggled getting some to fit and had to return the first two pairs that I ordered. I think that companies think that because your tummy is expanding your legs will too. The first pairs that I bought looked like clown pants. I hope that my legs don’t expand that much!


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