Oct 082017

Last week was quite challenging. We moved house on Friday, in the midst of a sickness bug. Moving house is hard enough, this was a nightmare! Now we can look back on it with a slight smile and I am sure we will find it funny one day.

We are now settled in to our new home and it is wonderful! We have moved a few times since we relocated to North Yorkshire and we have finally found our home. I think we are all settled here. Bob loves her new school, Bow loves the outdoor space and we all love our home!

We are still unpacking. I think we will be unpacking for years to come but we are also having fun decorating the rooms. 

Bob already has a beautiful woodland bedroom and her window seat is to die for!

Bow’s room is still a work in progress. I am not used to decorating boys rooms. I am thinking of having a Disney Theme as he loved meeting all of the Disney characters when we visited Disneyland Paris.

I’m thinking about getting some Disney bedding and he will need a blind. Velux have some lovely Disney blinds that would be perfect!

I also love this Disney cartoon strip wallpaper. It would be lovely for now and I think Bow would also love it when he is older.

We are loving settling in to our home and making it our own. I’m sure we will be very happy here!

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