Oct 052016

Our days are so busy! We always seem to be off doing things. School runs, baby groups, baby swimming, Bob’s swimming lessons, Rainbows, dance classes.

By the time we have had dinner we are all pretty tired so we try to keep our bedtimes as relaxing as possible.

Bow loves having a bath. He gets very excited when I start to run one and he can’t wait to get in. I am not sure how much the splashy, fun bath with his big sister helps to settle him for bedtime but he really enjoys it.

baby in the bath

I allow him to have some nappy free time after his bath, especially when he is struggling with nappy rash.

baby hooded towel

I then put a fresh nappy and some clean pyjamas on him and we settle down with a story. Bob sometimes wants to read the story and other times she likes to give Bow his bottle whilst I read. She is so lovely with her baby brother!

big sister baby brother sibling love

For the past few weeks I have been using Bepanthen as part of our bedtime routine. Every night I have applied Bepanthan when I put on Bow’s bedtime nappy. Bow doesn’t have nappy rash often but when he does get it he gets it terribly. I have tried everything but once he has it there doesn’t seem to be a cure. By using Bepanthen every night, I am hoping to keep his nappy rash at bay. Prevention is better than cure after all. It seems to be working so far. Fingers crossed!

Unfortunately he is still not sleeping through the night. He sleeps much better than Bob ever used to, I just think that my children don’t possess the sleepy gene. Bob slept through by the time she was 3 and a half so I may only have 2 and a half years of sleepless nights left. Oh dear! πŸ™‚

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  31 Responses to “Our Bedtime Routine”


    What gorgeous photos! Blogging is a great way to look back on your children’s lives. I hope you manage to get more sleep soon xx


    Only a little way to go before you get some good nights sleep lol! It’s so lovely to see Bob very hands on with her baby brother, very sweet x


    We all have a bedtime routine, even me.
    I love my toddlers routine at the moment, warm bath, 2-3 stories then sleep.
    The cuddles I get when he is sleepy, I love it!


    I miss the bedtime routine I used to love it, hopefully your sleepless nights are gone sooner than you may think x


    Sounds very similar to our bedtime routine. Blake loves his bath and gets so excited.


    OH dear! My little boy is now 7 but has suddenly started getting up a lot in the night so I feel your pain.


    I can imagine that getting a bedtime routine going can be hard, I’m not sure I have one yet and I’m 30 πŸ˜‰


    I dont envy you and I am in awe of how mums and dads manage to cope on so little sleep, I would simply not be human x


    I can’t imagine having a kid who wouldn’t get to sleep, I struggle enough getting myself to bed x


    Its great to have a routines, I used to have one and it worked really well πŸ™‚


    The sleepless nights can really take there toll but its all worth it, or so they say =D


    What a cutie, hope you don’t have more sleepless nights.


    I think that it’s so important for kids to have a bedtime routine. So cute!


    What a lovely routine! I really like having a bath before bedtime too.


    Aww your kids are such cuties! πŸ™‚
    Bepanthen can be a life saver, although at the moment I only need to use it for post-tattoo care!

    Dani x


    Aww he’s adorable! I bet nappy rash is horrible for them.


    My son was such a great sleeper from an early age but my twins have been awful
    Sleepers. We swore by bepanthen here too x


    I don’t have kids but I agree that Bepanthen is definitely an essential for all sorts of things.



    I don’t think my brother was born with the sleepy gene either! Hopefully you’ll get a good nights sleep soon! x


    So important for little ones to have a routine isn’t it x


    Aww they look so cute together! Hope you get some good nights sooner than you think lol πŸ™‚


    It can be hard to set up a bedtime routine but good to have them as it can really make life easier once it has been established.


    Great to hear you nightly routine to give other some kind of help about it πŸ™‚ Hope your little one begins to sleep better πŸ™‚


    It really does make life easier to have a bedtime routine. My folks are thankful they started their early with me. Everyone knows what they should be doing and there are not questions at bed time πŸ™‚ It’s just getting them to sleep through that is the hardest!!

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