May 252015

I cannot believe my baby girl is 4 years old today! The years are flying by and I am still in denial that she starts school in September!

She is growing and learning every day and I am already proud of her loving and generous personality! She will make a wonderful big sister!


Here is a little video of her 4th year.

Below are my other videos of my baby growing up far too quickly!

Now You Are 3

Now You Are 2

The Best Year Of My Life

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    Once again reduced to lumpy throat and runny eyes – must be hay fever! Molly is so going to treasure these videos when she is older. She is totaly gorgeous, as I am sure her little baby sister or brother will be xxx


    Oh she is so beautiful =) I hope she has had a really amazing birthday =)


    Aww! How adorable! I hope she has had a wonderful birthday x


    Beautiful. Love you all xxx


    This is one of the loveliest videos I have watched in a long time. What a gorgeous way to document your beautiful little one growing up! xx


    I hear you!!!
    I just think it’s almost not fair, time goes by so quickly… It’s like we barely get time to start enjoying the funny, silly or crazy things that they come up with and then all of a sudden what was so much fun it’s now baby stuff.

    And that is why every day we give thanks for our Family and Family always comes first, we try to enjoy ever second at maximum since there are really no replays in life.

    Your video is awesome and a great future gift for your her, and she will get to see “old times” and share with new friends.

    And by the way, not that you don’t already know it but she is adorable.

    Take Care!!


    Happy 4th birthday! That is an awesome t-shirt! 🙂

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