Feb 202014

As you probably know I love taking photographs! I love photographing Bob and I have also started photographing my friend’s children and children of friend’s of friends.

I am constantly on the lookout for new props and backdrops. My spare room has been taken over and there is photography related things everywhere.

I am obsessed with backdrops and I have even had a go at making one. I used my plain white vinyl backdrop and covered it with golden snowflakes. It was perfect for festive photo shoot.




I would love to have a summer house in the garden which I could use as a little studio. I dream of decorating it with a different wallpaper on each wall (or 2 depending on how big the summer house is) and different flooring sections so that I would have many different backdrops readily available. Here are a few ideas that I have.

1. Nemo vinyl flooring from Carpet Right on the floor & wall to create a mini bathroom.
2. Plastic balls to use as fake bubbles from ebay.
3. My sister bought me a bath tub for Christmas from Cuckooland.
4. A wall painted white with Music notes from Icon Wall Stickers stuck on.
5. Luxury vinyl tiles from Carpet Right in Casablanca Oak.
6. Pink polka dot wallpaper from House Decor Interiors.
7. Gorgeous wallpaper from Linen Store.
8. Blue polka dot wallpaper from House Decor Interiors.
9. Whitewash laminate flooring from Carpet Right.
10. Brick wallpaper from Stylish Life.
11. Gorgeous bookshelf wallpaper from Stylish Life.

The main problem is the cost. The size of summer house that I would like doesn’t come cheap and I don’t think I would ever dare to charge for my photography as I am not good enough. This would be a very expensive hobby addition but wouldn’t it be wonderful?

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    I don’t see why you couldn’t charge your photos are brilliant! I would happily pay for some of the photos I have seen (had they been of my kids obviously!)

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