September has been a wonderful month full of quality family time!

My husband had two weeks off work and we had many adventures. We had a holiday at Coombe Mill, a visit to Peppa Pig World (which I will write about later) and lots of lovely days out.

One of our days out was to a pony centre. We had a wonderful afternoon! (I have some lovely photos from this day which I will share with you soon.) There was an indoor play area with a huge slide. Bob and her Daddy had many goes on the slide. It looked so much fun that I decided to join them.

It was great! I forgot to hide my remote in all the excitement and we are quite blurred but I still love these photos!

I also snapped several family photos with my iPhone (with the help of the reversible camera and some strangers) and I wanted to use them in my post to remember all the time we had together. For the last couple of months my Me & Mine photos have been captured at the last minute. I’ve had to round everybody up and make them sit still for 5 minutes before we rushed off somewhere. There was no need for that this month. Some of the photos are quite dodgy and there is not a hair straightener in sight but this is my little family and every one of them makes me smile!






As always, the 7 of us involved in the Me & Mine Project are going to link up in a big circle so you can travel around all of our posts.


This month I am sending you to the brains behind the Me & Mine Project Lucy at Dear Beautiful. As the name suggests, her blog is truly beautiful so pop over and take a look. I love this project as it is giving me so many family photos to look back on. If Lucy hadn’t come up with the idea I would still be hiding behind the camera.

There is also a linky so that you can share your family photos too. I love seing all of your posts each month! I’ve shown you Me & Mine now show me You & Yours!


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  14 Responses to “Me & Mine – A Family Portrait Project”


    Magic! I would absolutely love to visit Coombemill – the perfect place for family memories! xx


    Woah! So many lovely family photos from you this month. But then you’ve definitely had some adventures. I love that you got to have so much family time, and I think the gif is fab. x


    The slide gif is so much fun! Sounds like you had a fab time at Coombe Mill – I have it on my holiday wishlist.


    Love the slide gif! So much fun.


    These are brilliant!! I absolutely love the gif. It looks like you’ve had a brilliant month. You all always look so happy with such genuine smiles xx


    That’s such a great slide animation! Your wee one looks ecstatic!


    Love the slide shots!! So much fun 🙂 x


    Love the synchronised sliding – looks so well timed! 🙂 I would love to go to Coombe Mill one day and I think Little Z would just love Peppa Pig – he is obsessed with “little brudder George”. Love your family pics, really lovely. Shows you had a brilliant time!


    So many lovely moments, the happiness just blasts out of your pictures. Especially the photo of you all on the beach – I love that nothing is diverting Bob’s attention from borrowing her toes in the sand, it’s so sweet!


    How gorgeous are those photos and I LOVE the gif of you guys coming down the slide! haha! x


    Such lovely fun photos!


    Looks like lots of fun-love the one of you all on the beach 🙂


    Love these photos. really captured a fun filled month!


    Fabulous! This is what memories are made of. Love all the photos but the last one is pure magic. Your faces are brilliant – such fun! xx

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