There is a little tradition that we like to do. Not for any day in particular, just when we feel like it. It is something we have done ever since I first met my husband.

We go to Clumber Park quite often to feed the ducks at the ford. One day, shortly after Michael and I first met, we were on our way there and we realised we were hungry. We went to get a pizza and we sat at the side of the ford to eat it. This became something that we would do every now and again.

We have been for a pizza picnic a few times with Bob and she loves them too. Depending on the weather we either sit on a blanket or in the boot of the car.

My husband had to work yesterday but, as the weather was nice, I thought a pizza in the park would be a nice thing to do for Mother’s Day.

I wanted to capture my Me & Mine photos on Mother’s Day. I know that this was cutting it a bit fine but I like to live on the edge. 😉

It turned out that I shouldn’t have lived so dangerously as my family photo for this month is a horrendous iPhone selfie. I had thought about cutting me out of the photo but then I thought that wasn’t the point of Me & Mine. This photo maybe awful but it is special to me!


Unfortunately it started to rain just as we got to the park so we had to resort to sitting in the boot. Sally wasn’t intentionally put in the picture but, as there was pizza, she was close by.



We enjoyed our dinner and the rain stopped in time for us to feed the ducks and go on a little walk.


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Today I am sending you to a lovely mummy! I am very thankful to Lucy for coming up with the Me & Mine project. I now have many family photos which I love! Go and visit her wonderful blog Dear Beautiful and see what her lovely family have been up to this month.

I’ve shown you me & mine now show me you & yours.

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  18 Responses to “Me & Mine – A Family Portrait Project”


    I adore car selfies! They are always so full of fun! Look at that girl’s little face! Cute woofer too 🙂 xxx


    I don’t think it’s awful at all. I think it’s lovely. I love the idea of a pizza picnic. We said we were going to do this last year but we didn’t get round to it. xx


    This is NOT a horrendous photo!! LOL! Look at your gorgeous, smiley faces!! I can’t believe you even considered cutting yourself out!!! I LOVE it!! These are the best sort of pics… and in years to come, you’ll look back on this pic and be so happy you took it! It will bring back such wonderful memories 🙂


    Love it. I used to live very close to Clumber Park, and outdoor pizza expectations in March may always have been a tad ambitious! Still, happy Mother’s Day!


    Lovely photo sometimes selfie photos are great as are there and handy! I know what you mean i hate pictures of me I will take 100s of the kids but photos of me make me cringe!


    Oh! But look at her little face. She just is so happy! What does it matter that its an iPhone selfie?! It’s a special moment captured, and that’s all that matters!


    That sounds like a lovely tradition and I love how the dog is sneaking in the family pic! x


    aw it’s a great photo. Ours is a phone selfie too but inside a pub. Cute blondies in the middle of picture redeem any shot don’t they!


    iPhone selfie or not, it’s still a happy, smiley, family photo and isn’t that the whole point of these pictures 🙂 (And a pizza picnic sounds like an awesome idea!)


    Lovely photo, I really like it. You all look so happy


    Looks like a lovely day, and I am so pleased that Sally photo bombed so is part of the family now – I wouldn’t have a family photo without my two in it!


    Love these photos. The dog is very much in the family photo as well. That perfect. What a lovely family you have. #me&mine


    I love the idea to capture a tradition in a family photo. I also love the tradition itself – pizza picnics sound awesome!


    This is a lovely picture – really captures the moment. I’ve said before that the quality of the photos, or how they were taken, doesn’t matter as much as the fact that they exist and that they capture that treasured memory!


    Ahh we’ve taken nothing BUT selfies so far this year. This month was the first time we didn’t 🙂 It’s a really great picture.


    Love it, that’s such a cool thing to go and do I bet she loves sitting in the boot for a picnic!


    I love how your dog is getting in on the action AND how you’re sitting in your car boot! Capturing normal family moments 🙂 x


    That’s such a lovely tradition – I love pictures that have a story behind them, a special reason for being there as well as just being happy photos. And your pup is a scene stealer extraordinairre!!

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