I really wanted to take a Me & Mine photo of the 3 of us throwing Autumn leaves in the air. This month, for a change, I was quite organised. A few weeks ago, on a nice dry day, we set out in search of leaves. There were none to be found! Many of the trees had lost their leaves but they had vanished! I blame the wind!

I didn’t manage to capture a Me & Mine photo that day and then crazy life got in the way. Yesterday we still didn’t have a photo, so much for being organised! I rounded up the troops and we went to the lane next to our house. Bob was not in the best mood and she didn’t want to have her photo taken. We got around this by being silly. Some things never change!



This month I have made a Me & Mine page. I have lots of family photos thanks to this fab project and Me & Mine will be continuing into 2014 so I wanted to have all of our photos in one place. To view our page click the button below.

As always the 7 of us involved in the Me & Mine project link up in a big circle so that you can travel around all of our posts. This month I sending you to Becky’s lovely blog Ar-Blog. It’s full of beautiful photos so pop over and have a look.


I’ve shown you Me & Mine now show me You & Yours.

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  13 Responses to “Me & Mine – A Family Portrait Project”


    Really lovely idea to collate them all! My boys love doing the one to three weeeee! Sammy is getting quite heavy now! xx


    Lovely! Sometimes they just won’t cooperate, I know!


    Ahhh, I love a bum shot! (We have one ourselves actually this month) I think this project has definitely been a learning curve with regards to keeping the kids happy and involved. I think most of us seem to have adopted the strategy of happy children = happy parents too! x


    I love these photo’s, one of my fave thing to do as a child was to swing in between adults. I love your matching Boots too x


    I love your photo but I also love your coat!! I love a good coat with toggle buttons!
    Really nice idea putting all the pictures in one place!


    We love “weeee”-ing. We usually count to 3. Then z tires us out because he wants to do it constantly. Love the photo!!


    Oh that looks like fun – I love that you have the whole swing as a series!


    Awwww these are lovely! Bob looks so small! xx


    1, 2, 3, weeeeeee – fail safe!! We included one of these in our this month too 🙂

    Lovely photos x


    ooh continuing into 2014, fab :o)
    Great photos. We’ve not dared try ‘1, 2, 3 swing’ with E yet – I don’t think he’d ever want to walk anywhere again!


    Thanks hon! x x x

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