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Since I have realised the cause of my twin bump I have had to be careful about what I eat. I am now quite wary of shop bought biscuits and cakes which is a good thing as I love baking! The other day I wanted to make some Jammie Dodgers.

I have been searching for a biscuit recipe that can be used with cutters for some time as, although my Scrummy Yummy Cookies are delicious, Bob enjoys rolling (smushing) the dough and cutting out the biscuits and it makes a fun activity.

I tried several recipes but the biscuits were either dry (like shortbread) or they used a raw egg. As Bob likes to eat as much dough as she rolls I thought that it would be better to avoid raw eggs until she was older.

I found one recipe that used milk and these were almost good enough but there was still something missing. I decided to return to the cookie recipe as a base as, when in doubt, I think it always helps to throw in a tin of condensed milk.

Eventually I settled on this recipe.


250g butter
100g caster sugar
1 tin of condensed milk
500g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence


1) Cream butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy.
2) Add condensed milk and mix well.
3) Sieve in the flour and the baking powder, add the vanilla essence and knead the mixture together to form a dough.
4) Spoon the dough into cling film, wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour to make the mixture easier to work with. You may also need to add a little flour if it is still too sticky.
* The dough can be refrigerated overnight and used the next day. Just allow to thaw slightly before rolling out.

When the mixture was ready I put chocolate chips in to half of it and kept the other half plain. We cut out the shapes (I cut out the shapes and Bob smushed) and I made a hole in half of the plain biscuits so that they could be the top layers of my Jammy Dodgers.


I sparingly spread Jam onto the base of my biscuits as I was worried about it running out as they cooked. As it turned out the top biscuit did a good job of keeping the jam in so next time I would use more.


I placed the top biscuit onto the bottom and filled the hole with jam.


I then baked these and the chocolate chip biscuits at 170ΒΊ for 10 minutes, until they started to brown.


They were delicious but I think they would have been better with more jam.

I have now had an idea to make jam and cream biscuits so my next mission is to make custard cream! I’m thinking butter cream and custard powder! πŸ™‚

Watch this space!

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  7 Responses to “Jammie Dodgers”


    These look perfect. I lover the star shaped centre


    Ooh lovely! Must try these x


    They look absolutely divine. Will definitely give them a whirl. Yum!


    If you ever need a taste tester BOL or someone to lick the jam of bobs fingers!


    WOW they look scrummy!! I’m going to look out for your custard cream ones too!


    They look brilliant! I’ve never been brave enough to try making them but you’ve inspired me so I shall try πŸ™‚ Pinned and Stumbled. Thanks for linking up to #recipeoftheweek – there’s a new linky just gone up x

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