I knew that I was pregnant before the test did. I was at work and I was getting strange stitch like pains all over my tummy. This however wasn’t what convinced me.

Before I continue I should give you a bit of background information. I worked in a Primary School in Foundation Stage 2. The lower primary team was all women but we did have a male and a female toilet. (Trust me this is relevant!) I am very odd when it comes to toilet habits and I refuse to poo in public. Obviously by public I don’t mean in the street. I would hope that most of us would refuse to do that! I mean places other than my own bathroom. I understand that other people need to but, as we had two toilets, I thought that it would be a good idea for people to use the male toilet if they felt the need. Most people agreed with me, however, the day that I knew that I was pregnant somebody hadn’t played by the rules! I walked into the female toilets and I literally gagged! It was then that I realised!

On my way home I picked up a pregnancy test. I knew that I was pregnant, the test was just a procedure. The test was negative. I told my husband that, even though the test said that I wasn’t, I was indeed pregnant and that I must have been testing too early. He thought that I was being silly but I waited a few days, tried again and it was positive.

My husband was not at home when I took the second test as he had left early for work. I didn’t want to tell him over the phone so I waited. I went about my daily chores and all was going well until I went to let the ducks out. It had been raining and I did not know this at the time but the electric fence had a fault. I went to unhook the catch and I got a big shock. Still emotional from taking the test, I rang my husband and sobbed that I couldn’t let the ducks out. Thinking that I had cracked up, he came home. When I told him I think that he was relieved that I hadn’t lost the plot.

Funnily enough my husband had got a shock from the fence on the day that Bob was conceived. I used to joke about the fact that she would be born with her hair standing on end! 😉

We were really pleased as although the timing wasn’t great (I was part way though my PGCE) we had wanted a baby for some time. It took a while for the news to sink in and just as we were getting used to the idea there was a problem. I started spotting. We went to the doctors and he sent me for a scan. They were worried that it might be an ectopic pregnancy. He said that if I was losing the baby there was nothing that they could do but if it was an ectopic pregnancy something had to be done!

The scan showed that the yolk sac was in the right place. This ruled out an ectopic pregnancy but, as I was only 6 weeks pregnant, it was still too early to see the baby’s heartbeat. They told me that they couldn’t be sure that everything was o.k. until they could see a heartbeat and asked me to return for another scan in 2 weeks time.

Those 2 weeks seemed to last a lifetime! It was such a strange feeling. I wanted to be excited about my pregnancy but I was worried that things could go horribly wrong. I returned to the hospital at 8 weeks and we could see a heartbeat! That little flashing light was such an amazing sight! When I asked if I could tell people the Nurse said that the reason they say to wait until 12 weeks is that people don’t usually have a scan until then. We were over the moon and we contacted our family and close friends to let them know.

Bob’s 12 week scan picture

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    awww what a lovely story and scan photo!! i gag at smelly toilets all the time so just swell tarts not a sign that i am with child lol. xx


    I get broody every time I see a scan picture! I just can’t help it! 😉 x


    Yes. I’ve had false alarms in the past where I mistook normal time of the month symptoms for being pregnant but this was totally different! I just knew! :0)


    Lovely story. I knew before the test both times too. It’s so weird isn’t it!


    I enjoyed reading this 🙂 (had to read on out of curiousity when I got to the toilets bit lol). I also knew I was pregnant before I tested but fortunately not by gag test! Your post reminded me of being pregnant at work in a male dominated office – trying to explain why I nearly fainted a couple of times. Those 12 weeks were hard work. Great blog! See you again soon x


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