I love gingerbread houses. I make it my mission to make a house or a train every year. It seems like such a Christmassy thing to do.

This year Sykes Cottages kindly sent us a gingerbread house to make. Bob got very excited when the parcel arrived and as she is old enough to ‘help’ me this year we got to work straight away.

Bob wasn’t very impressed that she couldn’t eat the gingerbread pieces so I found her some little gingerbread men instead.


Then whilst I stuck the frame of the house together, Bob decided where she would like to stick the sweets. Before long this became a very easy decision. Bob stuck most of the sweets in her tummy! Luckily we are a sweetie fuelled household and I managed to find some additional supplies.


The house took half an hour to set. I told Bob that this was exactly the length of one Dora The Explorer episode and we went in the living room to watch one.

Bob is usually enthralled in Dora and the house could fall down around her and she wouldn’t notice. Not today. The gingerbread house was far more exciting and Bob kept asking if it was ready yet.

Eventually Dora finished and we went into the kitchen to decorate our house. Bob had fun smearing the icing on but when she realised that she wasn’t allowed to eat any more sweets she wasn’t very happy.


Bob didn’t want to stick the sweets on the house. I think she thought her idea for where to put them was much better! I stuck on the sweets then I made some runny icing and let Bob poor this over the ground for snow.


Bob also loved adding the sprinkles!


The house came with some gorgeous little icing figures and Bob had a wonderful time playing with these before deciding where to stick them.


I love our gingerbread house! I can’t see it lasting until Christmas though. 😉


Sykes Cottages have also put together this fun infographic to show you how to make a life sized gingerbread house! If only I could afford to do this!

Gingerbread House Final

Disclaimer : I was sent the gingerbread house free of charge for the purpose of this post. All excitement, opinions and photographs are my own.

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  9 Responses to “If Only It Was Big Enough To Live In!”


    Absolute heartwarming post. I didn’t realise the kits were this good and came with the little people. I am going to grab a few for my son and god daughter as they both love baking (as do I when I have the chance 🙂 )

    I’m presuming the whole thing is edible in the end? Although that being said destruction of such a beautiful object would be a tragedy.

    I really need to revert my own blog back to my parenting experiences (it all got a bit random and ranty) and get back on with the fun blogging.

    All the best and wishes for a merry xmas.



    Ordered 2 from Lakelands and a set of cutters to get free postage 🙂 Fun ahoy!!!!


    That looks amazing, and so fun to do. I’ve never made one as I just know I would want to eat it straight away 🙂 xx


    Love it! I have a gingerbread house to make with the boys-haven’t made one before so looking forward to it 🙂


    Is enjoy eating that roof so much. I love sweets. Awesome gingerbread house!


    I love your roof! The fruits make great roof tiles 🙂

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