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I didn’t really want to go abroad this year. I was quite happy to wait until Bob was older and just enjoy time at home and trips to the seaside. My husband felt differently. He was desperate for a holiday! After much nagging I agreed.

We have booked to go away when Bob is 11 months old and I am already panicking! Besides not being too thrilled about being in a swimsuit with my new found baby belly, I am also worried about everything that we will need to take.

Bob will still need 3 bottles a day and she can only drink ready made formula. We really struggled finding a milk that agreed with her when I stopped feeding her myself. We finally found one but, for some reason, she could stomach the cartons but not the powder. I have since tried to introduce the powder but have had no joy. The amount of milk that she would need for the holiday would be one of our luggage allowances! That’s before we start thinking about all of the other stuff that she needs!

It is a milk that is not stocked in many places so the chances of finding it over there are slim. I am wondering if I could maybe preorder it from Boots to pick up after we have checked in. I will have to look into it.

There is also Bob’s silly sleeping habits to take into consideration. (See Let Sleeping Babies Lie post.) Hotels abroad aren’t exactly soundproof and I don’t think that the other holiday makers will appreciate being woken up every 2 hours!

I am hoping I will feel more excited as the holiday approaches but at the moment I am seeing it as more of a hassle than a break. You never know, I may lose 2 stone naturally, find that Menorca invented Bob’s milk and have a baby that sleeps through by the time we go! Here’s hoping! ;0)

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    First of all I am so jealous that you are going to Menorca!!!! Where are you going? I have been about 11 times so will be able to tell you all about it on Tuesday. Second, dont panic about the milk you will be able to pre order as much as you will need from Boots at the airport.

    Just relax, you will have a brilliant time. Please can me and Ruby go in your suitcase?? xxx


    Thanks for the advice. I hope so! You were very brave going away with a 2 month old! Well done!


    We took Alexander to Cyprus when he was 6months. We found he slept better in his buggy at night than the travel cot provided but the best thing we took was a blackout cover/ shade for his buggy(£17 ish from Asda). I think morhercare do them for travel cots too. The heat seemed to make him sleep better as well. I used his luggage allowance for food nappies ect obviously you can get both out there but even their brands were much more expensive. Sort yours and his clothes out a couple of days in advance then the day before take half away, I promise you won’t need them! Airlines are great with babies, they’ll do what they can to make the flight easy. As for anyone else being annoyed at baby sounds/behaviour Sod Them! It’s your holiday and you deserve it x


    I love holidays and always get excited about them. We took oldest away when she was about 8 months old to Majorca and had a great time. The milk thing might have changed by then too – you never know. It’s nice to get away and spend time as a family – I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time x


    I took my little one on holiday at 4 months as my sister was getting married abroad, he was fine. the heat did bother him at bit but I just used a damp muslin to cool him down.
    as everyone has said don’t worry about the noise you deserve a holiday. xx


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