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Now Bob is older we have relaxed on child proofing. Our last house was child-proofed to the brim, but in our new house we haven’t even put up a safety gate. 

Bob is old enough now to not open drawers that you tell her to and she is steady on her feet. I still want to put a catch on the cupboard where we keep the cleaning products just in case, but in comparison to the extremes we went to when Bob was tiny our new house isn’t very safe.

Making our new house safe for a toddler would be an enormous job! It is over 4 floors and we would have to have 8 stair gates, not including the little set of steps on the first floor. The stairs are also individual with gaps in between and I would worry about a small child losing their footing.

There are blinds in most of the windows which make me worry, even with Bob. I am constantly wrapping the cords around the window handles so that they are not in her reach. Add to that an open fire and a huge double oven and our new home is a death trap! 

If we were to have another child I think it would be easier to move than to attempt to make this house safe for a toddler. That would be a shame as I love our new home! We already feel settled there and Bob loves it too!

Betta Living have put together a kitchen hazard awareness test to see if you can spot potential dangers. As Bob and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I was interested to see how I faired in the test.


When you become a parent you notice dangers that you didn’t realise existed. You also invent ones that aren’t there. I remember my first trip into town with new-born Bob, everything scared me! I panicked about people smoking anywhere near her and I also worried that the pigeons might land in her pram. 

I guessed 8 out of the 10 hazards correct. I made up 2 with my over active brain. Why not see how you get on? If you take the quiz and want to share your results you can do so in the comments section. Maybe we should set up a little score board. 🙂

Fun aside, dangers are terrifying and child proofing can be overwhelming. People advise you to crawl around your house to see things from a toddler’s perspective, but I don’t know any parents who have the time to do that! I found a child proofing checklist that might be of use to any of you who are approaching this milestone. 

Children grow up so quickly! I feel as if I’ll be soon be worrying about Bob passing her driving test and being out on the road. Where do our babies go? 

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    I got 7, but I am arguing that I did click on the iron and over crowded socket so I am claiming 9 for myself! (and I don’t have a child)

    Who’d have thunk I am apparently uber competative – ooops!

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