Regardless of what people tell you, nothing can prepare you for how much life will change when you become a parent!

There are the obvious things like the sleepless nights and the overwhelming responsibility but I also changed dramatically as a person. I went from being a fun loving, happy go lucky girl to a worrying wreck!

I panicked about everything and I daren’t leave Bob’s side. When she had colic and would scream constantly for 4 hours I felt useless unless I was holding her. Being with me wouldn’t stop the screaming, nothing would, but at least if I was trying I felt like I was doing my best.

The stresses and strains of parenthood quickly affected our lives and my husband and I went from being man & wife to sleep deprived zombies. Our world revolved around Bob and we forget how to be ourselves.


We rarely went out as a couple. I think we have done this about 3 times since Bob was born. I live far away from my parents and Michael’s parents are busy so we don’t have many child care options. Also, as Bob wasn’t the best sleeper we felt bad putting on people.

Now Bob goes to sleep at a reasonable hour things are beginning to improve. I know it sounds sad but even being able to have a relaxing bath with a magazine or watch Lee Evans whilst eating Pick n Mix feels like such a treat! Hopefully Bob will be sleeping through and able to stay over at my mum’s house by the time he performs at the O2!

It is very easy to get stuck in the parenting rut but, now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I realise what has been happening, I am going to work hard to prevent it from happening again!

I am even thinking of looking for an Ofsted registered babysitter. Do they exist? Just to have they option of going out for a meal without Bob would be lovely! I love her to bits but a meal without peas rolling everywhere would be wonderful!

People used to say to me that time for myself was so important! I didn’t listen as I couldn’t see what could be more important then my little bundle of joy! I now realise that having me time makes me less stressed which in turn makes me a better mummy.

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