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Hello, I’m Charlotte. I am first time Mum to Bob, born in May 2011. Before leaving to have Bob, I worked with children for many years, the majority of my experience with the Foundation Stage (age 3-5).

I was studying for my PGCE (teaching qualification) when I found out that I was pregnant. I may return to complete the course one day. Half of me would love to teach, but the other half of me would love to stay at home with Bob and bake cakes!

I started my blog when my daughter was 8 months old and it provided great therapy during the sleepless nights! I love my little corner of cyberspace! It has provided many opportunities for myself and my family and it has encouraged a love of photography.

My Family


There’s me, my husband Michael and our daughter Bob (don’t worry, that’s a nickname). The later provides most of the comedy content for my blog. In addition to the human members of our family there is also Sally our dog.


We have recently moved to North Yorkshire and we are enjoying exploring and settling in to our new home.

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    Hoping you will send me a post so I can feature you in my “Bloggers Around the World” series on NanaHood.com


    PS. Read the two I’ve posted so far to get an idea of what to write. Bree from Australia and Dominque from Singapore have posted.


    Thank you so much hon! x


    So lovely to find your sweet site! Nothing better than reading of mums enjoying their children! Couldn’t resist saying, after reading your notes about ‘me’ above that there is always the choice of combining both teaching and being a SAHM by home educating, as we did! Magic! But long may your happiness in being a mum continue – as mine has! My twenty year old is back from Uni at the moment and it’s still as lovely! 🙂 All the best. x


    What a lovely blog. I’m also mummy to one little princess…Bets, but only one 4 legged friend and we’ll not be increasing that! haha
    A lovely blog to read about you enjoying you little one!


    Thanks you! Off to visit your blog now. x

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