I am going to let you in on a little secret. Even though I have been writing Terrible Twosday posts for months, Bob actually isn’t that terrible. In fact she is extremely lovely! Most of my posts are comical, seeing the funny side of toddler behaviour.

There is, however, one thing about Bob that is very terrible! She will be 16 months old tomorrow and, although she has grown up so quickly, I can’t say that time has flown.

Since Bob came along I have had many more hours in the day. 24 in fact! I see most hours, even if it’s only to look at the time and remind myself not to get my hopes up. She may well be asleep but she has only been asleep for 45 minutes. Celebrations of sleeping through might be a bit premature!

We had a few weeks where things started to improve. I got Bob a big girls bed and she seemed to settle. She would sleep for 3 hours at a time! Then, just as we had ordered the sky writers, her 2nd molar decided to make a very long, drawn out entrance. Teeth are so mean!!!

I have always been optimistic! I was convinced that when I had weaned her she would sleep better. I thought that when she could walk she would tire herself out and welcome sleep. I also thought that on the eve of her first birthday the sleep fairy would pay her a visit! I was wrong!

On the bright side, I think that you get used to not sleeping. There are also some benefits. I have connected with people on the other side of the world! Twitter would be very quite at 3am if it weren’t for them. I am also grateful that things have improved. Honestly! To begin with, Bob wanted to feed every 30 minutes, day and night, and I thought that I was going to die!

Unfortunately, my theory that more awake hours equaled more calories allowed was wrong! Apparently, the less sleep you have the easier it is to gain weight. At least I can stop blaming the chocolate! (I told you I was optimistic!)

Although it has been 16 months of wonderfulness that I wouldn’t swap for the world please can it be time for sleep now! Maybe I was mistaken. Maybe the sleep fairy visits on the eve of her 16th month! How exciting!!!

If you would like to write a Terrible Twosday guest post please let me know.

Happy Twosday!!!

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    Lack of sleep is the one downside for your funny happy little girl…she couldn’t be absolutely perfect…it just wouldn’t be fair on the other little girls!!


    Funnily enough my daughter turned 10 yesterday and I wrote a post about how Time surreptitiously steals your children. Your sleepless nights have reminded me not to get too nostalgic about those early years. Every stage has its compensations!


    Oh hugs!! Hope the sleep fairy visits soon!! xx


    Oh that naughty sleep fairy has obviously gone on holiday, hope she visits soon! Sleep deprivation is a killer, i’ve got so used to Riley sleeping through that now he’s teething and waking up throughout the night, it kills me! lol! xxx


    I feel your pain, my son was a terrible sleeper. Until he was about 2 he used to scream for a couple of hours just about every night, with no way that we could find to stop him. Even lying him down in bed with us didn’t help, he just lay there screaming instead. Then he started his day at 5am. It was awful, and really stopped me from enjoying him because I was so tired all the time. We tried all sorts of things to get him to sleep better. He settled down a bit when he was old enough for a Groclock, but it wasn’t until he was about 3 that he was sleeping through from time to time. My daughter is now 15 months and has only been sleeping through for a few weeks, but for the first time in years I am actually sleeping at night, and I feel so much better for it! You do get used to no sleep after a while, but it’s still hard.

    I’d really recommend a Groclock (or similar sleep training clock) when Bob is old enough if you’re still struggling (I think Harry was about 2 1/2 but he understood it straightaway, so younger might have worked.) It made a huge difference for us. Even though he still woke up every night, he stayed in bed later in the morning which was great. We still use it with a sticker chart!

    Good luck!


      Hopefully I am almost half way there then. :0)

      Gro clocks sound good! Will have to investigate. Haven’t heard off them but loved the gro egg when Bob was younger.

      Thanks hon! Hope you are well! x

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