May 102016

Our photo shoots are getting trickier now as you are into everything.

Inquisitive Baby

Before you would sit nicely by the blackboard, now you want to eat it!

Hungry Baby

You have cut your first tooth! You seem much too little but your sister also had a tooth at 5 months. It must run in the family. I am hoping your second tooth will cut soon and then you might get a break from teething.

teething at 5 months old

I have bought a reclining highchair for you. You are not ready for weaning just yet but it means that you can sit with us at mealtimes. You love sitting in your highchair and playing with your toys.

5 month old chilling

You like going to the sensory baby class but again you prefer to eat everything than use it how it is meant to be used. You are also easily distracted. When there are twinkling lights on the ceiling you like to stare at your feet and when there are mirrors on the floor you prefer to look at the ceiling. 🙂

5 month old baby boy

I love to watch you play and discover new things. There is so much for you to learn and many exciting things for you to accomplish.

happy 5 month old baby boy

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  5 Responses to “5 Months Old”


    Such a cutie!


    oh my goodness these are such lovely pictures. Making me broody! This is such a lovely age isn’t it? i love when they start to grab onto things


    Ah such a cutie gorgeous photos and a lovely update. My son’s now 17 months its hard to believe he was as tiny as ur little one a year ago.


    What lovely pictures, it does get trickier taking pictures as they grow doesn’t it. From not moving to wriggling all over the place in a matter of months,


    What a cutie!! What an exciting part of their development.

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