As we live in a rented property I have to be creative when it comes to making the place our own. When Bob was younger I painted a scene on her bedroom wall but now that isn’t possible. She now has a beautiful princess room but instead of painting I used a Disney Princess scene setter and some wall stickers.

Bow has a jungle themed nursery with some fab accessories but his wall stickers aren’t that great. Wall stickers can be quite expensive and, as a new baby needs a lot of things I tried to decorate his nursery on a budget. I found a set of jungle stickers via an app which I thought were a bargain.

beware of cheap wall stickers

I stuck the sticker’s on Bow’s walls and then went downstairs to make dinner. When I went back into the nursery the tree trunk had come unstuck from the wall and rolled down. It was stuck to itself in various places and, although I managed to straighten it again, it made several pulls on the tree trunk.

Since I decorated Bow’s room 5 months ago the stickers keep coming unstuck. Every time I go in there I stick them back down but it doesn’t make much difference. I laughed about the fact that it must be Autumn as the leaves were falling from the trees but when the owls started to fly away too I stopped seeing the funny side.

cheap wall stickers

I have realised that you get what you pay for. I now need to buy another set of wall stickers and it would have been cheaper and a lot less work to buy a good set to begin with. I have found a nice set of jungle wall stickers on the tenstickers website.

kids jungle stickers

It has monkeys on so it will match the cute curtain tie backs. These were a bargain that paid off! They cost £2.90 and they are lovely!

monkey curtain tie backs

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  25 Responses to “You Get What You Pay For”


    Oh no what a nightmare with your original stickers! I hope the monkeys stay put!


    Cute stickers! I bought two different ones from eBay when I was decorating my son’s room. One side is still on the wall in great condition while the other is pretty much gone. I got the both really cheap but from different suppliers. I love the ones on your photos though so might remove the rest of the stickers from one wall and get a new set. Thanks for sharing


    I love the curtain tie backs, they are super cute! They really do go well with the stickers 🙂


    Those stickers are adorable! I totally agree; you get what you pay for but if you work with what you have it’s very easy to make it into something more x


    That sucks that the “bargain” wall stickers keep coming unstuck. However, I totally understand you can’t always afford expensive decorations.


    I love these vinyls I think they are such a great way to brighten up a room.


    This looks so cute, what a shame that they’re not sticking properly. Such a good idea.


    Aw we all get sucked into buying cheap goodies and it is true that quite often you get what you pay for. Mind you I have a pair of boots from Primark that have lasted me six months and my feet normally ruin shoes in a month lol.


    Aw no, its a shame your original stickers didnt work out. Sometimes you do get what you pay for in life but its just a shame that we often have to find that out the hard way! xxx


    I did exactly the same and warn everyone off said app as its cheap rubbish that its either fake or useless you def get what you pay for


    oh this is such a gorgeous bedroom and you have done amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s very inspirational and giving me ideas for planning my daughter’s room.


    Oh no, sounds like a nightmare! The new ones look lovely though.


    Wall stickers are such a great way to jazz up a kids bedroom. I used some last year for my children, and they’re holding strong!


    I am really hoping the monkeys stay put, my brother bought Disney princess ones for my niece and the same thing happened x


    Loving the look of that room and I agree with your blog post title.


    This looks lovely, what an easy and inexpensive way to decorate a child’s room!


    What’s that saying…buy cheap pay twice? But the stickers now look awesome, I hope they stay put!


    What a nightmare with the original stickers, the new ones look fab! We used a few different ones at our old home and they stayed up brilliantly, I was looking at some cheaper ones again now we’ve moved but I think I’ll opt against them

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