Bob loves games and she is now at the age where she can follow rules. We no longer have to adapt rules for her or try to follow along with her completely made up version of a game. Remembering this makes me miss it but now that we can play games together properly it is much more fun!

When I was asked if we would like to review the new Hasbro game Pop Pop Piñata (or Pop Pop Pigyata as Bob calls it) I thought it would be a game that we could play together as a family.

pop pop piñata review

Bob was really excited when she saw the game it looks so colourful and fun! The piñata was easy to build and Bob enjoyed filling it with the little plastic prizes.

When the piñata is full you spin it and whoever it lands on gets to go first. You then take it in turns to hit the button to try and win prizes from the piñata. Each player gets to hit the button 3 times. If you hit the piñata just right a few prizes fall out and you get to keep them. If you hit the button hard all of the prizes fall out and everyone can pick them up.

It’s quite a skill to hit the button just right. To begin with we either got no prizes at all or hit the button so hard that all of the prizes fell out. After a bit of practise we were Pop Pop Piñata professionals and we became very competitive. As we were all trying hard to only hit the piñata softly (so nobody could steal our prizes) it then was so exciting when all the prizes flew out and we all tried to grab then as fast as we could! At one point Bow was sat on my knees and as the Piñata opened I squealed and made him jump! The squeal wasn’t as bad as the crazy sound that I make at the end of the video.

This game is lots of fun! We play it often as a family and Bob also enjoys practising her technique on her own. Unfortunately she is not as keen on picking up the prizes when she has had enough. 🙂

Disclaimer: We were sent this game in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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  9 Responses to “Pop Pop Piñata Review”


    This game looks like lots of fun. I bet it will be something Blake would love when he is older.


    Aw it looks like she had lots of fun. It’ll be lovely when we can play family games together xx


    OMG i have always wanted to have a go with one of the card ones filled with sweets. The ones you really have to bash! How sad am i ha ha!! MY boys would love this one though it looks like so much fun.


    This looks great fun for all the family. I love how colourful it is x


    Looks great! I can’t wait until Bella is a bit older and we can properly play games together. xo


    It looks like such a cool game, and so different too x


    What a cool game. Never heard of it actually or seen it in the toy shop


    This looks like a lot of fun and Eliza would probably be the same – she doesn’t do tidying up


    What a fun looking game. Hoping that my little ones get into things like this soon. x

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