Bob loves crafting and with Father’s Day coming up I thought it would be nice for her to make something for her Daddy.

I thought of a few ideas but many of them would require a lot of support and I wanted this to be something that she could be involved in and do most of the work herself.

We decided to make a photo frame for her Daddy. We ordered some photos from Truprint, gathered our materials (card, glue, scissors and sparkly bits) and we got to work.


I had to help Bob with the initial cutting but then it was over to her. At first I thought about cutting holes in the card for the photos to go behind. I attempted to do this with scissors and then a knife but the card was too think. I then realised that if we added enough sequins and stickers it would look like a frame anyway.

I glued the photos to one piece of card and cut a stand out of the other. Whilst I was doing this Bob wrote Daddy on a piece of paper to go at the top of the frame.


Then she got to work. I love how she pulls the same concentration face as her Daddy. 🙂


She worked very hard on the frame, so hard that she needed a rest halfway through. She was not impressed that I was still taking photos.


When the frame was mostly covered we filled the gaps with sticky glue and Bob added little sequins.


Bob was very proud of her finished frame and I was really impressed! I can’t wait for her to give it to her Daddy on Father’s Day.


Are you planning on making anything special for Father’s Day? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Disclaimer: We were sent the photos and some other products from Truprint free of charge for the purpose of this post.

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    Lol. Oh my goodness. What a meaningful gift for daddy. I love the photos that you picked for your craft. 🙂

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