When the Lovely Lucy from Dear Beautiful contacted me about being part of a family portrait project I was very excited!

The point of the project is to take a photo of your family, including yourself, once a month. I thought that this was a lovely idea as I don’t have any photos of the 3 of us. I used the project as an excuse to buy a remote control for my camera and I couldn’t wait to start snapping.

As I began trying to take a photo of all 3 of us I realised why I didn’t have any! I thought that photographing Bob was a challenge since she has been on the move but that was a doddle compared to this. Not only did I have a hyperactive Bob I also had a husband that gets bored easily and a sleep deprived me who is beginning to resemble Father Jack!

Our little photo shoot may have been stressful but it was also a lot of fun! We read stories to keep Bob in the shot, we tickled her to make her smile and we piled on top of Daddy just because we could.



Pile On

Eventually I captured this one. I think this is my favourite.


My little family. 🙂

There are 7 of us involved in the family photo project and we have linked up in a big circle so that you can travel around all of our posts. From here you can visit Lauren from Real Housewife Of Suffolk County and read her post. If you keep following the links you will view all of our posts and end up back here. How cool is that?


When Lucy first mentioned her idea a lot of interest was shown so it was decided that we would make the project a Linky. If you would like to share photos of ‘You & Yours’ you can join in!

I look forward to reading your posts and seeing what you and your family have been up to.

Click here to enter your link.

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  22 Responses to “Me & Mine – A Family Portrait Project”


    Great shots! xx


    Ahhh, I love your chosen shot. It’s fab! And I love the ones where you all piled on Daddy too. You definitely look like you were having a great time together, and that’s half of it I guess.
    Thanks so much for being involved in our little photography challenge. X


    I love the shot of you all on top of each other laughing at the camera. I have a love/hate relationship with my remote, but they are so invaluable when it comes to taking lovely, personal shots like these.


    Do you have a timer on your camera or is it a remote control thing?


    Lovely shots 🙂


    Brilliant photos. I love the one on the left of the three of you piled up.
    The photo at the bottom is equally as lovely too.x


    What a lot of lovely pictures, I too love the last one, as well as the ones where you are one on top of each other. I too love the fact that you are reading Enid Blyton, classic.


      I have lots of the old copies of Enid Blyton. I bought many of them when I was pregnant using the baby as an excuse! 🙂 They are the version that I had as a child. Love them! x


    This is very cool. I am slowly making my way around. i think I might have to invest in a remote for my camera now. I always just use the self time and like you say it is very tricky. These photos really had me smiling. They are all beautiful x


    Thanks hon! I love this project too! x


    I love these photos, especially the one of you piled on top of daddy! x


    The best reason to buy a new camera accessory!! You all look lovely, FAB shot!!


    Fantastic photos, looks like you had fun, great idea to read stories too!


    They are really really lovely x


    Brilliant photos and they show real family life too – struggling to get everyone together, smiling and still! I really want to join in x


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    […] Last week when we went to see the snowdrops, I thought that it would be a great time to capture our Me & Mine photograph. (If you missed last month’s Me & Mine post, which explains all about the project, you can catch up here.) […]

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