Bob is better at taking photographs than I am!

We have just returned from an impromptu mini break. Michael was going away for a conference and, at the last minute, Bob and I decided to go with him.

I had planned to take my Me & Mine photo whilst we were there but Michael was very busy. On the day that we were leaving I gathered the troops on the enormous hotel bed. Michael was feeling a little worse for wear. He had been at an awards ceremony the night before. His shop won an award so he had a good excuse. 🙂 Bob was bored and just wanted to know when she could press the button on the remote control.

This is the best shot that I managed…


…but Bob managed to take these which are much better!


I did capture a few photos that I love! They are really out of focus and I feel bad posting them on my blog but they make me smile as we are all having fun!


As always, the 7 of us involved in the project link up in a big circle so you can travel around our posts. This week I am sending you over to Lucy’s gorgeous blog, Capture By Lucy. It is fill of amazing photographs that I can only dream of taking.

Last week was the busiest Me & Mine link up yet! It’s lovely to see so many of you joining in! I cherish the photos that I have taken because of this project and I’m sure you will do too.

I’ve shown you Me & Mine now show me You & Yours!

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  12 Responses to “Me & Mine – A Family Portrait Project”


    You definitely have a budding photographer on your hands with Bob!


    I’m with you on loving the blurry ones. They may be out of focus but you can see the smiles and the fun loud and clear. x


    I love the energy of the blurry photos, I can hear the laughs.




    These are so natural – you are just an adorable family xx


    I love them, especially the blurry ones. Well done to your husband for winning an award! Fab news xx


    Aw you all look like you are having lots of fun in the bottom few shots. And well done to your hubby for winning an award! x


    Love the blurry photos, looks like you guys are having so much fun.


    What is it about kids and remote controls? Great pictures though – I love the fun you’ve managed to catch in the out of focus ones.


    I love how happy you all look even though the last ones are blurry! Lovely, happy moments x


    Nothing beats a good bed photo 🙂


    These are lovely photos, the ones at the end are so natural – you look like you are having a great time together 🙂


    Such lovely photos – especially the blurry ones!!

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