Over the last few days I have been covered in icing! I’ve been making many icing creations for Bob’s 3rd birthday party.

Her birthday cake is going to have a fairy centre piece, a little hedgehog and it is going to be covered in toadstools and flowers. I will show you these when I show you the finished cake.

I am going to bake 2 kinds of cupcakes, chocolate ones with chocolate buttercream and plain ones topped with jam and icing.

I have made little ladybirds on leaves to go on top of the chocolate buttercream. I used white ready to roll icing, red, black & green colouring, black writing icing and a leaf cutter. Photographs of how I made these are below. I think it’s pretty self explanatory but if you have any questions just ask.




I am going to make some of the icing ones look like toadstools and I have made flowers which will go on top of green icing on the others. These are made with white icing, strawberry buttons and a daisy cutter.


Bob always ‘helps’ me with sugar craft. Unfortunately I rarely get to photograph her creations as they always disappear into her tummy,

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    Wow, they are amazing, love them! You make the little ladybirds look so easy but I’ve never attempted anything like that before. Time has gone so quickly, Bob is almost the same age as my daughter, can’t believe they are nearly 3!


      Thank you! They are easy. You would definitely be able to do it. You are so creative! Can’t believe how fast it has gone! They will be at school before we know it! Hope you are well! x x


    They look fantastic!!

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