A few years before Bob was born a little door appeared. It wasn’t there when we went to bed one night but when we woke up the next morning, there it was, on our fireplace!


I tried to open it but I couldn’t and even if I had been able to I would have needed a Wonderland potion to fit through.

I have always wondered where this door came and who it might be for. The other day, Bob and I were playing in the garden and look what we saw! I think that my questions have been answered!


 Posted by Charlotte on April 25, 2013 Fun  Add comments

  12 Responses to “I Do Believe In Fairies! I Do! I Do!”


    is this fairy doorz?? i saw they do have some which open too! its a cool idea, something a bit different!


    This is such a lovely idea, bet Bob had loads of fun 🙂 xx


    Ahhhh, I love fairies too. I’m already planning all the fairy things I can get for my little miss as she grows. I think some fairies like these ones might have to go on the list. x


    We’ve got a fairy door in my daughter’s bedroom – so that the tooth fairy can get in!


    Gosh we could do with a few fairies here 🙂


    hehe so sweet x


    Very cute, I hope the fairies visit us x


    What a lovely idea! I am hoping that one might appear in my daughter’s bedroom soon…!

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