I have had beach hut envy ever since I saw a post by Lucy over at Dear Beautiful over a year ago. She took the most gorgeous photos of the most beautiful beach huts!

I came across some beach huts when we were in Scarborough. They are nowhere near as nice as the ones that Lucy visit but I had to photograph them.





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  11 Responses to “Fun Photo Fun – Beach Huts”


    They’re really beautiful. I love the vibrancy of the colours in them!


    Very cool looking beach huts. The ones at the beach we usually go to are just plain wood color. How boring.


    Aww! she makes the perfect little model heheh!, those huts are so colourful 😉

    Have a beachhutastic week 😉


    Ahhh, these are great. These beach huts are on my list to go and visit because not only do I love beach huts but I love Scarborough (the hubby and I met and fell in love there!) Now I want to go! Like right now! x


    I love those beach huts too. Fantastic rainbow of colors.


    What an amazing backdrop for such a beautiful little girl 🙂


    LOL – I posted a photo of these beach huts on 5th September last year!!!!! They’re brilliant 🙂
    Scarborough Beach Huts


    Great colors!
    🙂 Danica+


    I love the bright colours and the contrast in size with wee Bob standing beside them. Great angles!


    Those colors are fantastic!
    My entry is #18. come by and vote for us?


    Hope you had a lovely time at Scarborough – I know it well!

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