My husband is very wary when it comes to giving Bow a bath and he tries to avoid it at all costs. I think a big part of his fear is the juggling that comes with it. Bathing a slippery baby is hard enough but when it comes to getting them out of the bath whilst attempting to hold a towel under your chin it can be almost impossible. I tried to teach him how to do the towel dance but he was really unsure so I didn’t force things.

When I heard about Cuddledry’s latest invention, the apron towel, I thought this was a genius idea!

cuddledry apron towel review

The towel is much bigger than your usual baby towel and it fastens around your neck like an apron so that you don’t have to worry about holding it in place. I thought this may help Michael with his baby bathing fear.

hands free baby towel

Although bathing a baby can be scary it is also a lovely experience and I didn’t want Michael to miss out. I was so excited when the apron towel arrived and I couldn’t wait for him to try it out.

father and son cuddles

I got everything ready for him and I stayed in the bathroom for reassurance. Michael did really well! He was nervous and I think Bow could sense this as he was quite unsettled.

baby bathing problems

I was very proud though as, despite his nerves, Michael manage to bath Bow, lift him out and wrap him in the towel.

making baby bath time easier

Bow settled soon afterwards and Michael calm down after a few hours. 😉

settled baby

happy baby

He hasn’t raced to bath Bow again but, thanks to our apron towel, he now knows that he can do it.

I have been using the towel since and I love it! It is much easier than my towel dance and it covers most of my front which stops me getting wet. It has been washed and tumble dried several times and it is still lovely and soft.

The apron towel is a great product and one which I would definitely recommend! Cuddledry will donate £1 to WWF from every sale of their snow leopard design towels.

Disclaimer: We were sent the product free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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  8 Responses to “Cuddledry Apron Towel Review”


    This seems like such a good idea, makes live easier for parents.


    Ha ha ha this is brilliant! No more excuses Michael! Looks like Bow enjoyed the experience too…. What’s next?


    oh my so squishy!! that towel looks lovely and soft and what a unique idea! i wish they had such useful items when my two were tiny!


    Such cute pictures! The towel looks great x


    I love these. I only found out about them when Jack was older though. 🙁


    These look great! I’ve also got a bit soaked when bathing my daughter so one of these would be so helpful and help with the slippery baby too! x


    What a fantastic idea! I would have loved one of these when my kid was a baby.


    The idea of the cuddledry is great,it can be so daunting bathing a baby and to have one less thing to worry about definitely eases that. 🙂 x

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