May 102015

When we told Bob that she was going to be a big sister she was over the moon!


She has wanted a baby for a while now and when she realised that it was actually going to happen she was so pleased. For the next few days when she woke up in the morning she asked, ‘Is the baby here yet?’ 🙂

I explained to her that the baby needed to stay in mummy’s tummy for a while yet but it would be here just after she started big girl’s school.

Bob is desperate for a baby sister and she always refers to the baby as a she. I have explained to her that we can’t choose and that it will be a nice surprise. She still kept saying that she wanted a sister so I tried to convince her that a brother or a sister would be lovely. I told her that if it was a girl they would have a lovely time but if it was a boy they could also have lots of fun! Bob likes cars and dinosaurs so I told her how a brother would have exciting toys like that. ‘So you see,’ I said, ‘both would be lovely!’ Bob thought about this for a while and then said, ‘All right, I’ll have both.’


She is constantly talking about how she is going to do everything for the baby. She demonstrates how she is going to rock the baby to sleep using one of her Shrek babies. She also told me that if the baby did a wee she would change it’s nappy but if it did a poo I could change it. Thanks Bob! 

At one point she was telling me how she would give the baby milk in a bottle and when I said that the baby might drink milk from mummy’s boobies at first she burst out laughing. I told her that she used to drink milk from mummy’s boobies when she was a baby and she said, ‘Oh no I didn’t!’ When she finally stopped laughing she said, ‘Milk comes from cows, not boobies!’ 

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    love it and all of you to xxx


    Lol that’s had me in stitches, bless them there ace with what they come out with x


    Aww that is so hilarious! hehehe
    I love that Bob is so excited about the new baby – so lovely!

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