There’s is a doll called Baby Chou Chou who Bob fell in love with. Every time the advert came on she would say, ‘I ask Farmer Christmas to bring Baby Chou Chou!’ She even walks around singing the jingle, ‘Chou Chou, mummy make me better.’

She wrote a letter to ‘Farmer Christmas’ and a Baby Chou Chou doll was at the top of her list. We knew we had to get her one for Christmas. We bought it a few weeks ago and we couldn’t wait for her to open it on Christmas morning!


We bought her some other presents and I thought that we had finished our Christmas shopping.

The other day we went to see ‘Farmer Christmas’ and he asked Bob what she would like for Christmas. Michael and I smiled at each other. We knew what she was going to say.

Bob thought about her answer for a moment and then said, ‘Doc McStuffin’.

Guess we haven’t finished Christmas shopping after all!


* Bob is still a bit unsure of Father Christmas. Can you tell?

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    Love her expression! Maybe Father Christmas had told her she was getting a Chou Chou instead!! I have exactly the same problem with all of mine, I finished my shopping a couple of weeks ago and then they did their lists and asked for none of the things I had bought. Kids eh?!?


    What a little sweetie. Enjoy! I thought of you when I saw a commercial today and posted it. Just in case you would like to see it..

    Merry Christmas from Teresa at

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