Jan 232014
Off On Our Travels

My blog might be a little quite for the next week as I am off on my travels. Tomorrow my friend and I are going to Devon for the weekend to visit our friend who recently moved there. I am looking forward to a lovely girly weekend and a big catch up with these two lovely ladies. When I return on Sunday I will be unpacking and then packing again as we are off to Centre Parcs on Monday. Bob [click here to read on]

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Whilst at a friend’s house Bob took a shine to their piano. I worried for the piano’s safety as Bob is not the gentlest of people. She dances more like a soldier than a ballerina. 😉 I was really surprised at how delicately she played it and when she started to sing it broke my heart! (In a good way!) X Factor here we come! 😉 Click here to see our other videos.

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Oct 272013
Dear Zoo

Bob loves her books! Since she was tiny she has sat with a book on her knee pretending to read. Now she is older she likes certain books and we read them so many times that she remembers what they are about. Here she is ‘reading’ Dear Zoo. It is not as fancy as some of my other videos but it is a moment that I do not want to forget.

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The Ordinary Moments

This may not seem like an ordinary moment but in our house it is! I have been meaning to join in this lovely linky for weeks and I have finally got around to it. Katie from Mummy Daddy Me came up with the idea of capturing the ordinary, everyday moments as these are the ones that we will want to remember.

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Sep 192013
We're Back!

Hello! We’re back! We have had a fabulous time on our adventure and have made so many memories! Our stay at Coombe Mill was wonderful! We had lots of fun on the farm and enjoyed many exciting days out. I have taken so many photos! I can’t wait to edit them all and share them with you! Bob had the best day ever at Peppa Pig World! Her face was a wonderful picture for most of the day and she [click here to read on]

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Bob's 2nd Birthday Party - Parachute

I love parachutes! My time working in a school and my teacher training showed me just how much fun they can be! I ordered a small one online to use at Bob’s birthday as I thought that the colours would be perfect for the clown theme. I was certain it had arrived and I put it in a ‘safe place’ with the other things for the party. The day before the party I couldn’t find it anywhere! My husband kept [click here to read on]

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Jul 182013

When I went away with my family at the beginning of June (sorry, I am quite behind with blogging) we had a lovely time! Whilst we were there some ‘Dune Jumping’ occurred. I was quite glad to be behind the camera! 😉 I have used the song I Get Around by The Beach Boys. Did you see what I did there? 🙂 To see our other videos click here.

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