Can I just point out that we do feed Bob! We usually eat together as a family but, occasionally, if her Daddy is delayed, I will feed her first. She had already had her dinner when she spotted my spuds!!! Have fun captioning my little greedy-guts! 😉

Visit Mammasaurus for more caption fun!

Happy Saturday!

 Posted by Charlotte on July 14, 2012 Saturday is Caption Day  Add comments

  7 Responses to “Saturday Is Caption Day!”


    Roast potatoes are the best, so I am going to eat all of yours!


    One potato, two potato…. 3 potato more? Please!


    Yes, I can have my potato and eat it! 🙂 x


    Mmmm potato *said in an Irish accent a la Celebrity Juice*


    oooo I could crush a spud! (that’ll only make sense if you are over 30!)


    Hot potato x

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