Bob has wanted to make perfume since she saw the Peppa Pig episode where Peppa & George make perfume. Luckily it was the flower perfume that she was interested in and not the ‘Eau de Muddy Puddles’.

It is the wrong time of year to find beautiful blooms out and about and I would also feel guilty about plucking the petals from a rose that was still growing.


Over a week ago my friend bought me some beautiful flowers. As they were past there best I decide to let Bob make some perfume with them.

We had a wonderful time making sure the petals were smelly enough,


playing with the petals,



mixing them with water,


mushing them up,


smelling/tasting the finished product


and bottling the perfume.



Bob thought it was delicious!?! I kept telling her not to drink it as I wasn’t sure it would be safe but it was like trying to stop a child from eating chocolate. Crazy girl!

It didn’t smell too bad but I don’t think I will be wearing it any time soon. Luckily I have been sent a gorgeous bottle of Gucci Guilty. It’s like Christmas has come early! I am long overdue some new perfume and it smells gorgeous!

Disclaimer: I was sent the perfume free of charge to review. The perfume is gorgeous but I thought that this would make a more exciting post. Much better than photos of me wearing the perfume.

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    What? No photos of you wearing the perfume? 😉 I love making petal perfume when I was younger. I thought I was so sophisticated.


    that’s my Christmas sorted xx

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