Bow is a very needy sleeper. It is my fault as I enjoy cuddles too much. I don’t mind as he is my last baby so if he still needs cuddling to sleep when he is 18 that’s fine.

sleeping baby

He also likes to fight sleep. He can be exhausted but he will try his best to stay awake. When I was sent a new lullaby album to review I thought this might be the magic solution.

The Lullaby Baby album by Nursery Rhymes 123 is really beautiful. It is much more relaxing and less plinky plonky than the other lullaby albums that I have heard.

It wasn’t the magic solution I was hoping for as it is an album not a miracle but we really enjoyed listening to it at nap time. Eventually, after many songs had played, Bow gave in and went to sleep. Luckily I really enjoyed listening to it too.

After the 9 beautiful tracks have played there are instrumental versions. This is great if, like Bow, your baby takes ages to go to sleep.

Bob also likes the album and often plays it so that she can dance to the beautiful music. Here is our sleep fighting baby/contemporary dance video. Excuse Sally trying to add percussion.

The album is available to purchase on iTunes. You can also listen to it on Spotify. There is also a beautiful video of You Are My Sunshine on YouTube.

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of the album in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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