As parents of school-age kids, you’ll know just how many children’s parties you will have to attend with your son or daughter. If you have children that are heading off to infant or primary school in September, you will soon learn about this wave of kids parties that, up until now, you have likely been able to avoid.

Once your child is in school, they will want to invite all of their classmates to their parties, and if you’re not careful, this could be weighed down by a hefty price tag. However, if you’re sensible and organised, a memorable party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A simple party, full of games, party food and fun, is all a child needs to enjoy themselves – and with plenty of fancy dress costumes available, a fancy dress theme wouldn’t go amiss either! Take a look at the great range of fancy dress costumes from ASDA for inspiration, along with these fab ideas, too.


Princesses & Knights

A perfect theme for little girls, and it doesn’t have to stop at the fancy dress costumes. You can theme the whole party with princess undertones if you like, too. Choose from various Disney princesses, with reasonably priced costumes based on some of their favourites, including Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Jasmine.

Add in a knights theme for the boys so that they don’t feel left out. Fashion some armour for them, and arm them with a makeshift sword so that they can rescue their damsels in distress.


Pixar dress up blankets all of the Pixar films that have graced our cinemas over recent years, meaning that the kids have a whole range to choose from. From Woody and Buzz (Toy Story), to Sully and Mike (Monsters Inc./Monsters University), there are plenty of ideas to go around.


Perfect for boys and girls, superheroes can include anything from Batman and Superman to Wonder Woman, Batgirl and the X Men. Kids love the idea of superheroes, and a party is the perfect time for them to dress up as their favourite caped crusader.


Boys and girls alike will look like cute little swashbucklers in pirate outfits, complete with plastic hooks for hands, eye patches and a humble parrot on their shoulder. Yarrr.


Whether parents choose to buy a cute animal outfit, or they’re happy to fashion one by channelling their creative side, an animal theme gives plenty of scope so the chance of repeat outfits is minimal.

Perfect if your child’s birthday party coincides with the spookiest time of the year, a Halloween theme gives kids the chance to dress up as their favourite ghoul or monster, whether they have the chance to go trick or treating or not. Witches, werewolves, vampires, ghosts – the list goes on and on! Theme the party with cobwebs, dim lighting and Halloween-inspired games, too!

With so many options available, it can be quite difficult to narrow down your theme for your child’s party. Whichever theme you choose though, let the parents know on the invitations so that they don’t let the side down!


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