I have always wanted to go to Edinburgh Festival but I never got around to it before Bob was born. I assumed that I would have to wait until Bob was older before we could visit as a family. I didn’t realise that the little ones could have as much fun as the grown ups! Maybe we could go next year. 🙂

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Experience the Festival City

As always, Edinburgh’s in full on party mode until the end of August, so there’s still time to plan a fantastic break in Scotland’s capital and experience the world’s biggest arts festival. Book a Travelodge for a great-value, comfortable room in a choice of eleven great locations throughout the city to rest your weary head after a day and night experiencing the festival spirit. Here are some top tips to get the most from the Edinburgh Festival.

The Festival for Kids

If you’re travelling to Edinburgh from outside Scotland, the last two weeks in August is a great time to go as most Scottish kids go back to school in mid August, meaning there’s usually great availability on kids’ shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It also means that the parks and soft play centres will be a lot quieter on weekdays too. For a fantastic and unique family experience for party-loving parents and their offspring, check out Baby Loves Disco, a daytime clubbing event with old school dance tunes for mum and dad and face painting and healthy food for the little ones.


The Heart of the Festival

As soon as you arrive in Edinburgh, your senses will be assaulted with the thousands and thousands of comedians, musicians and dance and theatre companies who all really, really want you to come to their show! So how on earth do you work out what’s worth your precious time and money? Start with The Scotsman newspaper, whose daily reviews section sorts the wheat from the chaff and makes or breaks festival shows. Then to get a feel of the festival atmosphere at its best, take a walk down the Royal Mile, where hundreds of performers gather daily to hand out flyers and give impromptu performances of snatches of their shows. It’ll be noisy, busy and chaotic, but you’re bound to see at least one thing that makes you smile and want to see more.

After Dark

Even when the festival’s not on, Scotland’s late licensing laws means the Scottish capital is truly the city that never sleeps! This is especially true during the festival when some of the late night comedy shows don’t even get going until after midnight. This means there’s plenty of time for a disco nap after a long day of festival-going before you head out for dinner, drinks and round two. Remember Edinburgh is incredibly busy at this time of year so if you have your eye on somewhere specific for a bite to eat, make sure you book. To experience the party spirit of the festival at its best, head to the Pleasance Courtyard, which boasts no less than seven bars to meet the demands of its thirsty culture vultures, or George Street which is a car-free zone for the duration of the festival so that all the bars can spill out onto the street.

All that’s left to do is get there and start getting into the party spirit!


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