Aug 182014

Last weekend we had a wonderful time at CBeebies Land!

Bob loves CBeebies and she looked forward to the day for a long time! When it finally arrived she was so excited!


I was worried about going to Alton Towers on a Saturday. As Bob isn’t in nursery full time and my husband works Sunday to Thursday we tend to visit places on Friday in term time when it is quieter. I was worried about how busy it was going to be.

It had also forecast rain but I think this did us a favour. It rained on and off throughout the day but we were prepared and it meant the park was a lot quieter. The longest that we had to queue for a ride was 25 mins and we only had to wait a short while for most of them.

We all had a lovely time! Bob loved the Postman Pat ride. Not only did she get to drive his van, she also got to help Pat to deliver the right presents to the right people. The children have to press buttons to decide which present to leave at each location. I thought this was a lovely idea!


She also really enjoyed the In The Night Garden boat ride.


My favourite was Mr. Bloom’s allotment. It was like being in an episode of Mr. Bloom! Mr. Bloom was on holiday so his friend Mr. Blossom showed us around. We got to feed Compo, meet the veggies and talk to Mr. Bloom on a video call.


You couldn’t take photographs in the shed with the veggies but we did see some baby veggies being pushed around the park. Bob loved giving them cuddles and she helped to feed them their bottles.


Bob really enjoys meeting her favourite characters. Not only did she get an exclusive visit from Postman Pat at our morning with CBeebies Magazine, she also got to meet Upsy Daisy and Mike and Evie after they had finished their show.




We had a really wonderful day and Bob keeps asking when we are going again.

Disclaimer: We were invited to CBeebies Land by CBeebies Magazine to celebrate ther kids go free offer.


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    I love her excited face!! Glad to hear you had a lovely time!!

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