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volkswagon beetle

This is Betty, my beautiful Beetle.  I loved her very much and I did not want to part with her.  Although I was ready to have a baby, I was not ready to buy a Volvo and become a Soccer Mom.

Convinced that she would be plenty big enough for me once my baby came along, I went on a hunt for the smallest pram in the world!  We went to a shop and tried every pram that they stocked (I am not exaggerating) and not one fit in Betty’s mini boot.

Resigning myself to the fact that things may have to change, we went car shopping.  I was looking for a 5 door car, with a big boot, that was small and looked a lot like a beetle!  Don’t know why my husband thought we were on a wild goose chase!?!  I looked at every car but the practical ones were far too big!

I went home and did some research and came across the iCandy Cherry, an apparently teeny pram.  I located a stockist and crossed my fingers.  The man at the shop managed to fit the base and the carrycot into the boot!  I was very pleased and ordered it straight away.

When our pram arrived we kept it in the caravan and didn’t bring it into the house until after Bob was born. Superstitious much?  When we got home from the hospital Michael assembled the pram and tried to put it into the boot.  It didn’t fit!  After about and hour of trying, he managed to squish it in.  Don’t know how the man made it look so easy.  Thinking that this would be even harder with a baby in my arms and not being able to lift the car seat out of the back, without somebody climbing in and passing it to me, I decided to grow up.

I eventually found a car that was ugly and didn’t have a flower vase but it was practical.  I think I was the only person, that the garage had seen, who was sad to be getting a new car.  I said my goodbyes, knowing I had made the sensible decision.  When Bob is older maybe I could get another beetle and maybe this time she could be pink with eyelashes! ;0)


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  7 Responses to “Bye Bye Betty!”


    I know! Being sensible is rubbish! ;o) x


    Amazing content, I will be browsing back usually to watch out for updates.


    I would really really like a mini cooper, but hey, a huge great wagon is much more practical and makes for an easier life, For now….


      Believe it or not, I looked to upsize to a Mini Clubman!?! Thought I could make it work with it having the split seats and the secret back door. Think I was dreaming! ;0)


    I know how you feel. We had to get rid of our cute little Micra for the same reason!


    Just found this post and it made me giggle. We bought a Mini Clubman when pregnant with my second. OH made the Phil & Teds fit in the boot as I told him if it fitted he could get one. I loved that car but when I gave up work it had to go 🙁 One day though I will have our mini again. And one day you will have a beetle back x

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