I dreaded Bob’s first hair cut! I loved her curls and was reluctant to have them chopped off.

It got to the stage where the ends were tatty and I knew I had to do something about it.

There is a salon near where we used to love that specialises in children’s hair cuts. My friend had told me how good it was so we went there.

It was brilliant!


Bob got to choose whether she would like to drive a car or ride a motorbike whilst she had her haircut. She also got to watch a DVD.


Bob had a great time! I am now worried that she will not be able to have her hair cut in an ordinary salon. Hopefully there will be a children’s hair dressers in Skipton.


Since having her haircut Bob’s curls haven’t been the same which is disappointing but I couldn’t have let it grow forever.

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  5 Responses to “Bob’s First Hair Cut”


    Aww! Such a big moment….
    I hate my girls having haircuts but they sometimes get so tatty.
    That hairdressers is brilliant….


    ok we neeeeeeeed this hairdresser up north!!! this looks amazing! xx


    Is ti wrong that I wish I could sit on a motorbike and watch a dvd while I have my hair cut??


    fab, they have a similar salon near us. Can’t bring myself to cut E’s hair either though, it’s about the same length as Bob’s but curly so not falling in his eyes or too tatty. It is very mad professor first thing in the morning but that’s half the charm!

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