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Last week we took Bob to see Grandpa In My Pocket at Nottingham Playhouse. When I first thought about taking her I worried that she was too young but, as she loves the CBeebies show, I decided to risk it. I love the theatre and I hope that Bob will too. I couldn’t wait for her to experience it!

We decided to get the train into Nottingham as Bob loves trains and she has never been on one. She went on a tram when we visited my parents in Blackpool and she thought that was a train and loved it! When we mentioned that we might go on the train Bob kept shouting ‘Choo choo train,’ so we knew we had to take her.

Bob loved the train! I think the novelty of being able to travel without being confined to a car seat appeals to her. She enjoy watching the world fly by and waving to the people on the platforms.


When we arrived at the theatre Bob was very excited! I don’t think she fully understood why we were but as there were lots of other children there she knew that something fun must be about to happen. She also loved looking at the displays throughout the venue. I have never been to the playhouse before and I was impressed! It is a lovely space with roomy, comfortable seats.


From the minute that we walked into the auditorium Bob was mesmerised! She kept staring up at the stage and saying ‘Lighthouse. Wow! Amazing!’ This was before the performance had even started.


We were sat on the end of an aisle and I honestly thought that we would have to sneak out of the theatre halfway through with Bob being so young. I was wrong! Bob loved every minute of it!


My husband and I enjoyed it too! The story was told by a group of friends who enjoyed acting out the stories of Jason and his Grandpa. It was high energy and engaging from the word go. I was intrigued to see how they would make Grandpa shrink as I thought this would be tricky. They used puppets of various sizes and it was magical to watch.

Grandpa in my Pocket - Mellie Buse and Jan Page - Nottingham Playhouse - 13 July 2012 Directed by Rosamunde Hutt Designed by Nettie Scriven Lighting by Arnim Friess

Bob also understood the story which surprised me. When you ask her about Grandpa In My Pocket she tells you all about the pirate and the treasure. She has also been singing ‘Sunny Sands’ or her own version of it at least.

Grandpa in my Pocket - Mellie Buse and Jan Page - Nottingham Playhouse - 13 July 2012 Directed by Rosamunde Hutt Designed by Nettie Scriven Lighting by Arnim Friess

I would highly recommend Grandpa In My Pocket: Teamwork! I saw children from the age of 2-10 and they all seemed to be enjoying it. I can’t wait for our next theatre trip!

Disclosure – I was given tickets for Grandpa In My Pocket free of charge but all opinions and photographs are my own.

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    The photos are amazing, I can’t believe she sat through it like that, I’m not sure A would but I really should take to see something at the theatre as it is not as dark and noisy as the cinema


    I really can’t stand that programme but CK absolutely adores it. I am thankful that they don’t come to Switzerland to perform 😉


    she looked like she had a whale of time! I can’t wait until mine is a little bit older and we can start ding things like this 😉 x looks fab and brilliant photos! xxx

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