Feb 042014

Bob has always loved our dogs. She talks about them often and she loves having cuddles with them. Occasionally she would get fed up with our miniature dachshunds. Bob was desperate to play with them but Lucy & Poppy would rather sit on the settee.


Now we have Sally, Bob finally has someone who wants to play with her! Where Bob goes Sally follows and I know they are going to grow up to be best friends!


We have to watch that Bob doesn’t get too rough as she sometimes likes to cuddle Sally too tightly. We also have to be careful that Sally doesn’t nibble Bob’s toes. Bob is getting very good at telling Sally, ‘No!’

She is also learning how to be a good owner. Bob has been brilliant with her. If Sally gets hold of one of Bob’s toys she just takes it off her and says, ‘That’s not yours sweetheart.’


She also feeds Sally, makes sure she has something to drink and tells her to use her puppy pad. If only getting Bob to use the potty was as easy.

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    So cute, they are going to have such fun growing up together!!


    Hi Sally, *waves paw* perhaps you are going to have to teach Bob all about the potty! Good luck with that!

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