Sometimes, we might think that the clutter in our homes is unavoidable – we need all that stuff! Christmas decorations might gather dust for 11 months of the year, but you’ll always need them again. As summer approaches, garden furniture comes out of hibernation along with that whole section of your wardrobe you just can’t wear in the winter months. And this is just the seasonal stuff, there’s no end of other items which we spend more time thinking we might need, than actually using.

Self-storage could be the answer. You might think self-storage is only for businesses, or people with large amounts of valuable property to keep safe, but as demand has risen, it’s become possible to store small amounts of domestic clutter surprisingly cheaply. Here are just a few ways self-storage can be really useful for running a home, especially with the little ones running around!

Self-storage can give you space to do more!
You can move boxes around your home as much as you like, but they have to go somewhere. The immediate solution is to allocate a single room to store all your disused stuff, but what could that room be doing if you put the stuff in storage instead? A new study, a guest bedroom – a playroom for the little ones? It doesn’t matter how much, or how little, you have, self-storage companies often offer storage units from just a few square feet upwards – think of it like an attic, kept clean and secure and, most importantly, not taking up any space in your home!

Get rid of seasonal items when you don’t need them
Let’s face it, you’re never going to use that plastic Christmas tree unless Santa is about to come a-calling. If you like a well-decked out house at Christmas and New Year, that means a lot of dusty boxes lying around from January to November. Get them in storage and get them back when you need them. It’s easy, cheap and quick.

Make your home child-friendly
Usually clutter is just annoying, or it can be standing in the way of a stunning renovation. Sometimes, however, it can be hazardous. This is especially true for those of us with little ones hollering, dancing, jumping and running about the house. Our home is often one big playground to kids, and every box can be an exciting present to be opened. Freeing up the space to let these guys run around is a good first step to making your house more child-friendly. Stacks of boxes waiting to topple is not a good look.

Store the stuff your child grows out of (then sell it later)
We all know how fast young children grow at that early stage. Shoes, cots, even toys they’ve grown tired of – get these items in storage and you could be building up a collection that could make you some money one day. Just buy wisely though.

This guest post has been brought to you by GTW Storage, a family run self-storage company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We’re a fifth generational business that has been looking after other people’s property since 1903. Our building in James Watt Street Glasgow was, originally, a Tobacco Warehouse of some note in the city of the name The Glasgow Tobacco Warehouse Co. Ltd. It is an icon dating back to the days when the Glasgow was a thriving international port.

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