As we rent our current house I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do anything exciting when I was planning the nursery. Bob’s nursery was beautiful and I am still impressed with how I painted her big girl’s bedroom!

I didn’t know how to decorate the nursery. The room had been newly painted before we moved in so it seemed silly to repaint it. I decided that wall stickers were the way forward. Bob loves her Disney Princess themed room and I have wall stickers and scene setters to thank.

I wasn’t sure which theme to choose until I fell in love with a gorgeous cot bedding set! It was perfect for the arrival of my cheeky monkey! 


I couldn’t justify buying matching curtains as the bedding was very expensive. I found some cute curtain tie backs which only cost a few pounds. These along with some cheap voile curtains looked great! 


I then found some extremely cheap wall stickers which I ordered via an app. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t turn up but eventually they did. I now wish I had bought some better quality stickers as I soon realised that you get what you pay for. I stuck the trunk of the tree on the wall and then went to make dinner. We had dinner and some family time and when I came back upstairs a couple of hours later the tree trunk had come unstuck and rolled down the wall. It had stuck to itself in various places and when I pulled it apart it damaged the sticker in several places.

The stickers were also very thin. They were see through! I couldn’t place the owls amongst the branches as I had planned to as you could see the branches behind them. I placed them where they looked the best and, although I wasn’t thrilled with the result, it looked alright.


It has taken me a while to stop noticing the damage to the tree trunk and to not stare at the see through parts of the stickers but I think I am finally starting to like the nursery. If I was to start again I would do things very differently but, seeing as our new addition will be here in a couple of weeks, I don’t think I’ll have time to change things.

I still love the bedding and the curtains and tie backs look great! I am even starting to think that the stickers don’t look too bad if I don’t focus on the flaws. I need to stop pointing out the problems to people and then hopefully they won’t notice them.

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  2 Responses to “A Cheeky Monkey Nursery”


    Oh my gosh that’s just so so cute, I love the cheeky monkey theme and the one hanging off the curtains is just adorable. I think your littlest man is going to love it in there 🙂


    Oh this is so gorgeous – I love your theme! I loved good old Winnie The Pooh with mine! Kaz x

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